Is our club being run professionally

Billyboy? I checked out those forums I didn’t know they existed, every day is a school day eh!
You never heard of Parlane on this forum billyboy?, he was one nasty piece of work, soon as someone confronts him he attacks them like he has some sort of insecurity problem, infact the pattern is similar to the way you went after weegiecaol, I have been on this site for about 11 months and never found weegie to be a problem.

What Parlane would do was force his opinion on other posters, constant arguing, constant negativity and a bullyboy.
I outed him as a republican rebel masquerading as a Rangers fan.
He was banned twice under Parlane and once under Earplan and was given a life ban.
He was a right argumentative sore ar*e and fought with everybody.

After I outed him and continued to question him he messaged me and was squealing like a big lassie asking for a truce, and I wouldn’t give him one.
I don’t do deals with the Devil, surely you must have heard of him billyboy???

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Hi DollysB, ???

I can assure you I’ve never heard of him under that monicer .

But what you describe him as is exactly the responses I got from a poster wi username "jyf " on those sites and the reply I got from Weegie was exactly the same type of insinuations I got from my first post on here saying I was celticboy for no reason that I could see.

I note you are now suggesting I am this user you are headhunting with your ??? after my username on here.

That’s up to you for you suspicions but if you look on those rumours sites I have a username that ends wi " billy " and my last posts and replies were two weeks ago.

Please don’t take offence but your message to me is the very same description of the poster you are headhunting on here mate.

In any case if you are trying to goad me , good luck with that as I won’t even bother to reply to your remarks anymore my friend.




demise?(dictionary:-“formal death”). What demise???Sure your name is not cellic Bhoy?



Sorry thicko,wrong! Been a Rangers supporter for over fifty years and been to more games than you have had hot dinners. So bog off and get a brain.

Hi guys ,

Does Weegie feel like a good guy to you wi those remarks to someones first post on here.

Hi Mark you have that the wrong way round.
Weegiecaol is calling billyboy a tim not you.
Weegiecaol is a Rangers man no doubts about it.
It’s billyboy that is the reb imposter.

Billyboy has been banned twice under other names ie parlane and earplan before you joined the forum, and it won’t be long till he is banned again.
Just another ruse to deflect attention away from himself

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No way Mark. I know you are a Rangers man. WATP.

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OMG!!! AM SO SORRY I CANT APOLOGISE ENOUGH. PLEASE SEND MY SINCERE APOLOGIES TO WEEGIECAOL. I am definitely a bear tho. Never took it well when my friends wind me up calling me Tim. Hate the word. Lol​:grin::grin:Again so sorry. WRTP RTWD NFSE :blue_heart::uk::blue_heart::uk:

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