Is our club being run professionally

Steven Gerrard is in his third term as manager and so far has won nothing in the SPFL despite the board and supporters backing him to the hilt with trust and financial investment.
Now we have Castore causing problems with our new kits.
Who is responsible ?.
I am a life long supporter before and after our demise , but I’m getting more and more in despair as the seasons go on.

I feel the same, but I constantly remind myself that the board have backed SG to the hilt. They clearly have faith in him. I do too, but like you it’s waning over time. Although to be fair we have started the league in very good form. No goals lost and defending well, which is great to see a strong foundation. Nothing can be changed now. This is it. This is our chance to stop their wanky ten in a row and for us to hit 55. We have improved the squad year upon year, and so have our stats. We must back the boss and the players and maintain the feel good factor. The crowds are missing, so the only outside influences they have now is the feedback we as a fan base can give them and the gash that the MSM will hit them with. When possible, we have to be critical in a positive way, and be vocally supportive as much as we can at the time. WATP


Yes Dennis , of course we will support our club and manager until the bitter end which will be this season for a lot of our support according to comments on other rangers sites.

I for the life of me cannot see Stevie surviving at the end of this season if we win nothing again .

All we really need for us fans to be up and jumping with pride again is our first trophy under Stevie regardless of a tainted ten challenge.

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:+1: Totally with you

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Some supporter!
SG has transformed Rangers and has been fantastic in Europe and ,apart fro appalling refereeing in the LC he would have won us a trophy.


Oh dear Rodders,

I stopped posting on a rangers rumours site because of the slagging I got from our so called supporters who could not accept honest and true opinions.

Hope you are not on this real Rangers site to do the same mate.

A Rangers rumour site? billyboy.
You didn’t bump into an imposter called PARLANE did you.

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No none with that username DollysB , but there are certainly loads of other imposters although some regularly change their username to try to avoid detection.

In any case the site I’m sure you know of is not a Rangers site at all , it runs every football UK football team forums including the dark side whose Eds edit posts and replies that don’t suit their preferred dark side club.

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SG & His back room staff have been amazing. Day in day out!!. Just looking at the team now from 3 seasons ago? 100% turnaround asking prices for players!! European player’s coming back to the mighty. I’ve not seen a team and the 9 subs there all exceptional good. Now for our funds!!? Where are they coming from everyone asks.? Well we’ve been in the uafa cup(Euroa league) aye last 16. 2c if my brain can remember. So that’s some cash!!! All ov our investors. Who believe in the GERS. & Tv rites which is more than nearly everyone ( septic gets more obviously ). & Just to finesh WEVE SOLD 125000 UNITS OFF TOPS. From all over the world. WRTP RTWD NFSE :blue_heart::blue_heart::uk::uk::uk::100: and players sold for the shit Scottish Money.


demise?(dictionary:-“formal death”). What demise???Sure your name is not cellic Bhoy?

Can’t argue with that Mark , but surely winning trophies is the reason we play football and is one reason why we support our club .

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Ah there you are Buzz Bum with a new username WeegieCaol.

Did not take you long to come on here the real Rangers forum as you are barred from rangers rumours unofficial forums.

We got relegated to the lower league about 9 years ago and are still fighting out way back to the top of the SPFL.

Demise does not always mean DEAD it can mean “demoted” my friend in disguise.


WeegieCaol you are no BuzzBomb my mistake , Buzz is a septic supporter who was always winding up posters on the unofficial rangers forums.

After re-checking posts on there , you are in fact " jyf " who slags off everyone regardless of their opinions being right or wrong and then your usual accusations of us being septic supporters in disguise.

You’ve been found out matey.

Have a nice day tho.

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Sorry thicko,wrong! Been a Rangers supporter for over fifty years and been to more games than you have had hot dinners. So bog off and get a brain.

That reply is exactly what you’ve been doing for years jyf to everyone on the rumours site and why I stopped posting on it .

You are the joke of that site ask Coldo on it.

LILLIBURELO. GSTQ! Work it out! Goodnight.

Billyboy? have you been on this site before under another name, I see you joined in Aug 17th

Hi DollysB,

No , this is the first time I’ve subscribed to this forum and as you say I joined on the 17th.

For years I’ve been getting official Rangers news emails with club news updates every day and it was one of those that suggested I subscribed to the forum.

Been on the unofficial rangers rumours site for years but stopped posting on it because of the septic biased editors and posters like jyf going under the username WeegieCaol with their vile replies to dedicated Rangers supporters.

I have a similar username on that site to the one I have here DollysB mate , but that’s it my friend.

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I was wondering how you managed to join the site when for the last 7 weeks or so there is no facility to post or join rangers news i was wanting to know how you managed to get in this area.

You keep talking about unofficial Rangers rumours site’s but you aint telling me which one’s.

Hi mate,

No idea if the site was down locally or nationally , but I had no problem subscribing to the site .

Perhaps it’s because I’ve been subscribed to Rangers news for years and the accounts are somehow linked .
The news subscription is only to registered email addresses with no required username and originally came with my season ticket holders information.

It was a suggestion on one of the emails about a week ago that I joined the forum.

As for the unofficial rangers rumours / banter / discussion site , I know it is a private run site like celtic rumours / liverpool rumours etc. cause I tried to complain about several vile comments on the site only to be told Rangers are not involved and are not associated with that site.

That site is financed by annoying adverts and donations and was great for the banter but is being ruined by the likes of " jyf " alias WeegieCaol on here and the biased editors on there.

Browse online for rangers rumours and you will see the rumours / banter etc. and you can view posts without having to register .