Was Brendan Rodgers scared of failure?

Rodgers could have had 3 trebles in a row and possibly the first manager to win ten in a row. He would have been down in history as one of best celtic managers ever if not the best. He left for a team who may not even qualify in europe. I believe he got scared, after being beat by Rangers in the league and knowing the rangers manager inside out I honestly think he “shatit” got out because he did not want to be known as the manager who lost the treble-treble and ten in a row. Also think he was scared of Alfredo.

Ceptic are our shame lets get 55 and shut them down.

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Got it in one let’s shut the door on the East end and bring bk 55​:red_circle::white_circle::large_blue_circle:

The Scottish game would die without either of the old firm