Twilight zone or parallel universe

I don’t know what to believe anymore with the SPFL fiasco, is it the fact they are still ploughing ahead with this debacle waiting on a vote that’s already been cast or the fact that club finances could have been helped at anytime without sacrificing club’s to relegation. The plain truth of the matter is if everything at the SPFL was run above board then all club’s would have known the facts of what is and what isn’t possible and the time allotted to discuss and cast a vote but it’s not run above board there are too many people with agendas and that comes at a price and it stinks.
In all honesty we simply CANNOT relegate team’s that have a realistic chance of fighting their way out that is unjust and unfair.
Now it seems it’s up to Dundee to decide, how do we know this because the SPFL told us.
The questions simple how do you win a league without winning a league and how do you get relegated without playing ALL your games. YOU CAN’T.
We are in a place we probably thought could never be and to make matters worse we have the SPFL that can’t decide the difference between a left and a right shoe.
Every option should be back on the table including null and void and let all the club’s vote on first second and third preference and decide on percentage score for the option most favored and for God’s sake keep it quiet until ALL votes are in.