This is our year we are back

Ok guys an gals some of us including myself are a bit concerned about our chances this season so here is something to reflect on .


I wish we had a time machine.
Our club would be the best it’s been.
We wouldn’t let the tax man win.
It was our Davie done the sin.
We paid the price for his demeanour.
While he drove around his brand new beamer.
Oh yes he got us to the top.
But also sent us to the drop.

I’d take us back to start again.
But legal and with decent men.
We’d pay our dues like any other.
And respect our board just like our brother.
We’d win our trophies fair and square.
And be miles in front with points to spare.

We would not need to sell to White.
Would be because we did things right.
We would not even sell to Green.
Our club would be the best we’ve seen.
We would not suffer all this pain.
Then all we’d do is win again.

Now we’re back here in this day.
We have to fight on come what may.
Let Stevie lead us to the end.
Don’t let them drive us round the bend.
We can get back up never fear.
I hope and pray it is this year.


Do not engage with billyboy.
Billyboy is our old friend Parlane/Earplan a total imposter, life ban under Parlane and life ban under Earplan.
He is only on the forum to cause bother again.

I will bump this up to the top to keep this relevant so everybody sees that the profiles of Billyboy, Parlane and Earplan are all the same person.
I also believe he has a new profile but time will tell.
I will give you a clue, he likes laughing at his own jokes.

Hi, recently had a spat with him which is on record. Accused me of being various posters on this thread. Always thought he was trying to deflect from himself? Who is this guy and what is the point of coming on to the site and trying to take the p…! Narcissist?

You said it weegie trying to deflect from himself, billyboy is our old pal Parlane, soon as someone disagrees with him he turns nasty, a republican reb trying to cause bother.

Cheers for the warning.

That’s so true David done us more than he does his wife…or girlfriends :grin:. He done us good when chairman. Selling us for a £1 to that sacrificial lamb ( when I get my hands on him). Lol​:grin::grin: but then it got #GREEN. Now come on why put someone with the name green in charge for a start?. Then that’s when we hit the restart button. Four bears came in with the king​:grin: came in with investers!!! WHO WERE RANGERS THRO & THRO, & in the last 4 yrs​:thinking::thinking: Well since SG walked throu the door that’s when the mighty Rangers were recharged with investment players. It started with 50k for kamara :grin: Then we showed our hand buying Kent. & From then on. WOW!!! What a turnover in 3 yrs CL next season. No matter where we start. & Europa run…WOW!!! WE R THE PEOPLE!!!:uk::uk::uk::uk:RTID NFSE