These Rangers fans have a message for Livingston's Gary Holt

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Rangers beat Livingston and Gary Holt 2-0 in a match which wasn’t just a victory for the Teddy Bears, but one for football. Ok, maybe not that dramatic, but considering Gary Holt’s comments before the match I’ll be forgiven for saying this was a win for the football purists. The Livi boss took umbrage with…

I am not one for knocking a guy when he is down. Holt made a mistake, his comments were laughable and stupid but to kick a guy when he is down is gutter press. He came out after our win and said very clearly the better team won and Livingstone were outplayed. Leave him alone, sometimes the press just love to bully, give it a feckin rest. Can we not rise above it and be thankful we are challenging in europe, up there in the league, have players who are major financial assets, lets focus on our club and what we do great and stop petty comments against other teams…that’s what Celtic do. Lets rise above the petty, slagging off of other teams and managers, its not clever or funny or helpful to the Rangers cause.