Steven Gerrard rubbishes 'panic' claims over Rangers deal for Kent

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Rangers manager Steven Gerrard has rubbished Chris Sutton’s claim that the signing of Ryan Kent was a “panic” move – and admits he’d been trying to get Kent back to Ibrox from the moment he left. Sutton made his nonsense claim after the Old Firm defeat in his Daily Record column, and Gerrard made it…

I think if Kent was a priority he should have been bought well before loads of cash was spent on other players. Still don’t understand why we brought in Jones and Hastie when Middleton was probably just as good if not better and cash on Helander and Edumundson why???. It does seem like a panic buy as it was last minute, and Gers management and board should not be trying to hide the fact this was a protracted and long drawn out affair. Good to see Kent back he is a good player but 7 million not sure about that value. We need a striker.

Literally the anti-thesis of a panic buy - Gerrard said at the very start of the summer that he wanted Kent back and wouldn’t stop trying until the very last minute of the transfer window

Can argue over whether he’s worth 7 mil, or whether it was better spent elsewhere, but calling Kent a panic buy is gutter journalism from Sutton and plain dumb

Hellander and Edmundson were signed because the manager wants two players for every position when Andy King was asked about this he said that having at least two players fighting for every position was standard practice in the EPL.As for your credentials as a Rangers supporter I live about 800 miles away and even if I was lucky enough to be a season ticket holder it would be impractical because of family and work to be able to attend matches on a regular basis but does that make me less of a Rangers fan?

I understand the 2 players for every position what I was questioning was the amount of cash we spent on Helander when we need back up strikers, why so much on Helander? and if it is two for every position why Jones, Hastie, Barker, Kent and Aribo for one position when we already had Middleton as well who in my opinion is better than most brought in. As for my credentials as a Gers fan where did that come from I never said a word about that about myself or you???