SPFL branded "disrespectful" by member club amid Old Firm fixture fiasco

Originally published at: https://www.rangersnews.uk/news/spfl-branded-disrespectful-by-member-club-amid-old-firm-fixture-fiasco/

The SPFL have been branded “disrespectful” by the chairman of Stenhousemuir after they scheduled the first Rangers Celtic Old Firm match of the season on the same weekend the lower leagues start. The SPFL have come under fire from Rangers fans and certain members of the press for moving this season’s first Old Firm match…

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Of course the SPFL are disrespectful, they don’t care.
Shittin on everybody else just to give Celtic what they want.

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There has been a significant amount of evidence (eg voting fiasco) to show that the SPFL are corrupt, inept and incompetent, and pandering to the wishes of that Club in the East end of Glasgow is yet further evidence. If Doncaster and Maclennan had any integrity whatsoever, they would have fallen on their swords by now - preferably real ones! Hopefully once the Hearts / Partick arbitration case is resolved, the aforementioned deadly duo will no longer have the bare-faced effrontery

finishing the post below posted prematurely due to ‘fat finger’

“…bare-faced effrontery to remain in their positions”.

The corrupt spfl aren’t even trying to hide their loyalties to they bastard tims anymore. I thought fraud and corruption were against the law so why aren’t the scum being held accountable? Who are they answerable too anyway? If we’d got up to a third of what the spfl and the scum are guilty of we’d be all over the msm but they’re all in bed together. The spfl the SNP the paedophile club and the mainstream media !!! BASTARDS !!!


Bloody well said man :clap: :clap:

I cannot see Doncaster surviving his obvious bias for a specific club in the SPFL.

His smugness is sickening to any true believer in justice.

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