Scott Brown praises "phenomenal" Rangers & Celtic fans after abuse clip

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Celtic captain Scott Brown has said he has been heartened by responses from Rangers and Celtic fans after he was abused by a 15-year-old over the death of his sister. The midfielder was leaving Ibrox after Celtic defeated Rangers 2-0 earlier in the month when the youngster asked him “how’s your sister?” The reaction from…

I make no excuse for the behaviour of someone taking cheap shots - unacceptable behaviour.
But I also think the behaviour of some players, like Brown and Griffiths, is unacceptable. Goading fans, tying scarves to posts. Then these scumbags express surprise when scumbags react to these scumbags.
One plus one equals two. Cause and effect. As I say, I am not defending or excusing taking cheap shots. By that fan, or Brown, or Griffith. All culpable

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