Roofes shirt name error

Rangers go top of the league and record another clean sheet what do the media have in their headlines, a name error on a Rangers shirt :joy: top headline news eh!.

I see Celtic fans having a good chuckle about it on Twitter, lets roll back to Feb 2020 Patrick Klimala.
On his shirt, spelling error (Kilmala.)

People in glass houses eh!


Classic Scottish MSM, DB, theyโ€™re pretty much all clones of one another. Every article is regurgitated crud from someone else. I avoid all of the Scottish stuff now and instead rely on Social Media, Google Alerts (which are terrifically fast for online articles) and the only rags I have bookmarked in my browser are British papers, which are generally slower with the news, but itโ€™s therefore researched and not the constant fake news 5hite and speculation that we get up here.