Report button needed

About time we got a button to report people on here that are only intent on stirring trouble.
Why are so many Celtic fans like Rosebud on here???. Is your own club really that bad you have to constantly comment on Rangers posts?


Couldn’t have said it better my friend,more interested in our club,than there own…WATP

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I don’t really mind if supporters of any club want to read what’s happening with Rangers maybe deep inside they’re supporters of our great club, and who could blame them.:uk::uk::uk:

I wonder is anyone having the same problem reading The Rangers News as I do I can only read a line or two before an ad appears and refuses to go getting really annoying now.

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i’,m leaving kingshomesball is doing my head in …goodbye

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He sent me a cheeky email because I slated Tav and Goldson about how bad they’ve been lately and for how bad Tav was in the YB game. He called me a half wit for criticising them the idiot. I tried to email him back but he doesn’t accept emails. I don’t mind a bit banter or even other Rangers fans pointing out if they think I’m wrong but daft barstewards like him calling me names, no danger. He said “you 2”. No sure if he was talking about me & you parlane. Fkn Clown that he is!

Probably talking about me but water off a ducks back, he is just showing himself up.

hi danny g cannae seem tae find any new posts on it,nice 2 results lately bro

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There’s no been anything new on this site for well over a week, mibby two weeks. What’s the score is it closed down?

I was wondering the same thing, is this site active outside of user discussions?

Hi Rob_Mc.

Was getting ready to post a similar question about this forum.

Have you noticed there is now no link to this forum on the Rangers News home page now.