Rangerstv volume

Is anybody having any problems with the volume when listening to the game.
I don’t know if I am getting corn beef or there is something wrong with my device or both, but I am getting a low volume I’ve turned all the volume controls up to high but still poor.

Can’t say I had anything like that problem. Worked a treat at my end. Hopefully yours was a wee one-off problem that won’t appear again.

I always have the same problem but it’'s down to my age rather than the technology I use. Never mind, another good performance. Pity the green and whites from Edinburgh did their usual and rolled over for cellic. WATP.

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Funny how that always happens. Fenian brethren.


Cheers people for the feedback.

Hibs v Celtic, that was a stick on that result, a blind man could see it coming, they are all inbred so help each other out.

Hibs run themselves into the ground last week they left everything out on the pitch so no energy and no willpower for this week, and celebrating too as if they had won something.

I take it Hanlon and Porteous behaved themselves, no Celtic players bludgeoned with elbows I bet, but enough of them it’s what we do, and yes another good result yesterday, just a pity about the own goal by big shoulders Edmundson , do you think his shoulders are really like that, or did Jimmy Bell forget to take the coathanger out his shirt.:confused:


If Jimmy sees your post"there could be trouble ahead"!:grinning:

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