Rangers won't be shocked by Mike Ashley's latest Newcastle United move

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For many Rangers fans, nothing controversial Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley does will surprise them. The burly Sports Direct businessman is known for his ruthless business tactics and money-minded attitude towards football and football fans. Ashley is still at odds with the Glasgow club due to retail deals gone wrong and bluenoses will hardly flinch…

The whole nation now knows after the recent Sports Direct debacle that Ashley is a total tube!

“now knows” … lol … unless you’ve been living under a stone … you’d know the vulturess creature that is Mike Ashley :thinking:

Hi, Neil I was referring to Ashley’s attempt to keep his stores open during the current crisis. All he wanted to do was line his own pockets again, at the expense of those who despite everything still buy goods from the odious creep’s stores. Rangers and Newcastle fans don’t need a reminder of the type of person he is.

Howdi WC … a wasn’t havin a go at your good self - a knew where you were comin from … a was really havin ago at those cretinous fools up here who refer to him as big Mike this and big Mike that … you know : the self proclaimed greatest supporters in the world who openly give their whole hearted backing to a cnut who does not have an ounce of compassion or good will towards the common man, a horrid person whose only concern is the accumulation of wealth in a monetary capacity and who really should be pitied… Breathe Neil Breathe … :joy:
All the best WC.

Thanks Neil, totally agree with you.

Rangers figure? Is he fk a Rangers figure , hes a dodgy as fk delboy shady business type

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