Rangers Player Ratings from Premiership win over Livingston

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Rangers secured a comfortable 2-0 win over Livingston at the Tony Macaroni Arena on Sunday afternoon. Joe Aribo opened the scoring after 32 minutes with an emphatic finish having been sent through on goal by Scott Arfield. Shortly into the second half, the prolific Alfredo Morelos doubled the advantage. He notched his 22nd of the…

Agree with all of this apart from Barasic who as you say has played 13 games in a row. You only gave Barasic one point above Ojo, did you watch the match?? . I thought Barasic had a brilliant game today, set up Morelos for his Goal, he was physical and very controlled in everything he did in first half and early stages of second half. In the later stages he pushed forward, had a few wee chances on goal. showed his stamina, physical strength and skill in later stages. Without a doubt an 8 or 9 for me all day long, especially coming off a great performance on Thursday, especially when he feels unsafe on a plastic pitch. He along with Morelos deserve a wee rest. lol.

Parlane, he did give him an 8 which is two points more than Ojo .

When i looked it was a seven. He has obviously changed it and is not man enough to say so.

The awarding of a seven to Barisic was a typo corrected shortly after publication, sometimes these take a while to show depending on how you access the articles.

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I am away from this forum. It is run by wee thirty year old’s who only want to slag off other clubs, managers, players etc. They never, ever focus on what our own players are doing what their opinions are or what is actually happening at Ibrox, I cannot remember when any of these guys actually came up with an exclusive its all second hand garbage…this is not RANGERS NEWS its news from everywhere else and most is complete garbage. We get constant stories about ex rangers players and what they are doing…who actually cares?? There is never any in depth discussion from key guys at Ibrox. You got Jordan, the Dude and Willis trying to make stories that have no substance. I am off P.S if dollybraes comes back looking for me tell him I have seen the light and moved on.

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You will be missed Parlane