Rangers Penalty

What is that clown Collum all about, looking straight at the Hamilton defender pushing Roofe on the back and doesn’t give a penalty, and if that is not enough the camera pans round to him, maybe somebody else will have a better take on this, but did that Diddy Collum hold up his finger and say it’s his first one.
What the hell has that got to do with it, the defender pushed him in the back and should have been a penalty, it’s a foul anywhere else on the pitch.

Cheers Rangers News for clearing that up, so it was Collum saying Roofe pushed first, it makes the decision even more baffling.

If Collum seen Roofe pushing the defender why didn’t he blow for a foul?

The standard of Scottish refereeing is beyond gash. Has been for years. Decades in fact.

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