Rangers hit with three UEFA fines for fan misbehviour

Originally published at: https://www.rangersnews.uk/club-news/rangers-uefa-fines-braga-leverkusen/

Rangers have been fined a total of €20,500 (£16,600) by UEFA for three separate offences by fans in the Europa League clashes with SC Braga and Bayer Leverkusen. The fines are made up of €10,00 for ” invasion of the field of play” and €5,250 for ” throwing of fireworks” against Braga in the first…

The club should use the CCTV to the full here. Identify the culprits. Make a change to the T&C’s of the ticket purchase that should any unacceptable behaviour be expressed during a game & a fine levied by authorities then the ticket holder is liable for payment! That might sort the shit out for once and for all.

If the idiots responsible can be identified they should be banned from Ibrox for life. You are not a supporter if you cost the club money through your reprehensible behaviour.

Weegie. I agree. This isn’t the clubs fault it is down to individual actions & they should be held accountable for their actions - and the fines!

Not great but it was the actions of some idiots.The guy who ran into the pitch should be easy to identify and banned for life . Given what had happened in the past I was worried the bottle being thrown might have resulted in worse punishment. If we can`t afford a £16,000 fine we should be worried .
Notice the Daily Rhecord headline of Rangers hammered by UEFA fine did not mention Celtic also being fined AGAIN .

Find them, ban them for life to pay for reputational damage, and sue them for the cost of the fines. That would put an end to it.
Even if I was daft enough to think throwing a bottle was a good idea, would I do it if I thought it would cost me £8,000? Probably not, but if I still did it, the ban would stop it happening twice and others would learn not to