Rangers have found a legitimate match-winner in Greg Stewart

Originally published at: https://www.rangersnews.uk/columnist/rangers-have-found-a-viable-match-winner-in-greg-stewart/

Up until a fortnight ago, the thinking behind Rangers signing Greg Stewart was unclear. He had featured sparingly for the first team over his first few months with the club, only really starting games of little consequence or coming on in those where wins had already been secured [Soccerbase]. Greg Stewart sends a header wide…

I agree. Could not see the point in signing him. Only positive was trust in the manager. yet again, manager has been proven right. He is a good option to have. Maybe not the number one forward, but a very good backup and if something happened to Morelos and Defoe, I would rather have Stewart in there than either of last year’s options

Decent player but not a striker, he has had a good few chances and failed to take them the way Morelos or Defoe would. I still think we need a Striker in January to see out the season.

The position of having a third striker is a difficult one if Morelos or Defoe stay fit and continue to score goals the way they are a third striker isn’t needed but if Morelos was to get injured playing for Columbia for instance it would leave SG short probably the best solution would be to promote one of Rangers promising youngsters it would be difficult to attract a proven striker knowing that he would have to wait until one of the two strikers got injured to get game time

I agree but loads of clubs have three strikers and use the main two the way Rangers do but have third who may come on for last ten or 15 minutes when game has been won. I am sure if we wanted to sign Shankland in the summer he would have accepted those terms as he would be signing for a massive club with a huge increase in salary. I also don’t think it would be a bad thing to have someone keeping Morelos and Defoe on their toes. Celtic have three in Griffiths Eduard and Bayo. Aberdeen have Main Cosgrove and Wilson. As for promoting a youngster that’s not going to work can you imagine if one is injured then one gets banned and it happens to be against a team in Europe or a cup final or against Celtic. We are going for 55 and trying to stop 9 in a row we should have a back up striker.
Anyone coming in should be experienced enough to put pressure on who we have already it will only benefit the team and if they get a chance and do well then brilliant.