Rangers fans urged to boycott as Castore unveil Mike Ashley kit details

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Rangers fans are urging each other to boycott Mike Ashley’s retail outlets as Castore reveal details as to why the High Street billionaire’s stores are selling the new Gers home kit. The Ibrox support was left incensed when a trolling Facebook post on Sports Direct’s official account claimed to be “exclusively” selling the kit from…

The Eastenders are irrelevant let them run their mouths all they want.
We will boycott any Ashley owned stores.
Let him buy merchandise it will benefit us, we will keep buying kits from Castore etc and rake in Millions

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Mike ashtray is a dick . But house of fraser i like . The people working there are not dicks if they chose to stay after he purchased.would i be right in saying any trade deal done by castore with high street shops the petcentage that goes to rangers already tied in .therefor if i were to walk into a celtic shop and purchase rangers strip thw same amount of money goes to rangers .would u not be really happy and enjoy slapping the face of that lot fae parkhead,to put money into rangers .i would pay extra on price of gers top to buy it from an old foe .i think that could be same thing as every time u buy from sports direct u remind fat pike that instead of his pockets being lined he only getting same retail deal as rest of planet .i call that a rangers victory .lets find out exactly what he makes on to of rangers sale and we can balance it iut by stealing the equivalent from his shelves en masse .twenty ge4s fans storm sports direct today and aftet purchasing new strips they stole sweets and alchoholic wipes on way out door ha ha .i personally advocate this …

If Rangers supporters want Ashley to keep making big profits on their backs carry on buying from his outlet if not don’t buy from the greedy scheming bastard!
Most of his profits are made from garments made in sweat shops in the far east and sold at vast profits in his outlets.
Ashley also uses other people’s misery to make big tax losses by buying up companies that are in financial trouble and shutting them down?
I would say Ashley is the opposite of King Midas as everything he touches goes to rat shit and grief for others not gold?
Just ask the Geordies?