Rangers fans split as supporter banned for role in Kilmarnock fracas

Originally published at: https://www.rangersnews.uk/news/rangers-fans-split-as-supporter-banned-for-role-in-kilmarnock-fracas/

A Rangers supporter has expressed his disappointment on Twitter after being handed an indefinite ban for invading the pitch against Kilmarnock at Rugby Park back in August. Zander Gaillie took to Twitter to complain after being banned for what he describes as “celebrating with ur players for a last-minute winner”. Rangers have viewed it as…

Can’t see how Rangers had a choice. The criticism they would have got if they hadn’t banned him! To those who thought it was harsh, would you think it was harsh if it had been a Celtic supporter who got banned?

Anyone who gets arrested for breaking the law at the match whether it is singing songs we have requested them to stop , invading the pitch , throwing objects or whatever should be banned .It is the only way to clean up our act ,set an example to others and ultimately protect the club from others imposing sanctions on us. The behaviour at Kilmarnock after the winning goal may have been exuberance but it was way over the top .
It should also be a lesson to the players to stay on the pitch when they score and they should be told this too .Go to the edge of the grass and celebrate , no further .