Rangers fans defend David Graham following "gutter" Daily Record report

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The appointment of former DUP councillor David Graham as Rangers’ new head of communications has been causing plenty of ripples in the Scottish press this week. The talented communications specialist was appointed by Rangers in a newly created role as the Gers look to bite back at plenty of negative and unfair press surrounding the…

He’s a frankly shocking appointment because he’s such an easy target for this kind of stuff - let’s get real for a minute:

  • There is a historically very strong connection between Orangemen & Ulster Loyalists and sectarian behaviour, particularly when it comes to supporting Rangers.
  • Whether or not David Graham has a sectarian bone in his body (and there’s no indication he does) he is nevertheless such an incredibly easy target for being smeared by association.
  • Our rivals and the Scottish tabloid media have always exploited this sort of stuff to the hilt, they do it on both sides and always have, and that’s not going to change anytime soon.

So we’ve appointed an incredibly easy target into an environment where he’ll be slaughtered for the merest slip-up past or present.

It was not a smart appointment, and we can look forward to a steady stream of this until he moves on.

I`m a bit old school and I always refer to this place as the piggory .Its not sectarian its just a term slagging off a stadium that was a right dump .I worked in the East end and there used to be a smell that came from the piggory in Carntyne but we bluenoses used to say it was coming from the piggory at Parkhead.
It was just banter between fans , the guy who wrote this article is an ass.

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I disagree. If he’s the best man for the job then he’s the best man for the job. He’s an orange man… so what?

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Not trying to be argumentative here by the way, I’m just trying to lend a bit of perspective as I think this appointment is baffling.

If he’s the best man for the job that’s really worrying, because you have to look at the full package and as we’re already seeing this guy comes with a background and connections that make him an instant easy target - that’s the so what - we’ve hired a guy to do our PR and the man himself is at best a massive Achilles heel to the club’s PR - it beggars belief it really does.

So a big problem having an Orangeman at rangers how about Martin O’Neil Irish catholic Brendon Rogers Irish catholic and the little scumbag now Irish catholic twice

The 3 of them were appointed not even worth a mention in the papers

Big difference between an Irish catholic and a northern Irish Protestant Orangeman with DUP connections

Fascinating, but you have NO interest in other people’s comments which seems a tad strange, mate…
If this person is good at his job,then he IS the right person for the role.
You are hanging him out to dry before he has even begun.
As I say peculiar stance you’ve take.

I’ve pointed out he’s an easy target, and that’s a fact - he’ll have to be unbelievable at his job to overcome that fact