Rangers boss delivers verdict amid calls to drop Tavernier and Goldson

Originally published at: https://www.rangersnews.uk/news/rangers-boss-delivers-verdict-amid-calls-to-drop-tavernier-and-goldson/

Steven Gerrard has addressed calls from a section of Rangers fans to drop James Tavernier and Connor Goldson, as quoted by the Scottish Sun. Both players have been guilty of individual errors this season. Goldson’s slack pass against Celtic at the beginning of last month, allowed the Hoops to open the scoring in the first…

Yes Jordan a much needed bit of sense.
Yes there has been individual errors, but when we take everything into context, including league games, league cup games, Euro games with 12 clean sheets in total we have the best defence in Scotland and least goals scored against, is that the sign of a defence in turmoil.
Tav, Helander, Goldson and Barisic at one stage have been slaughtered, it’s time for a few to reel themselves in.
United we stand divided we fall

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Keep winning Rangers and shut the whingers up

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Exactly, a sense of perspective needed and think going top of the league on Sunday helped provide that. We’re still very much in the hunt on three fronts, have been scoring plenty of goals and at the back it has generally been pretty solid.

Jordan are you serious …“solid” come off it. Since start of season we have lost goals against Kilmarnock, only winning with last minute goal, Blackburn a draw, Hibs, Midgyland twice, Celtic, Livingstone, and Young Boys. We also lost two of the most important games of our season to dreadful defensive errors, cloud cockoo land comes to mind. As for Livingstone and Hibs we won but only after they got guys sent off. Rangers are doing well but not anywhere near where we should be, defensively we are not doing well enough especially after spending nearly 4 million on two players who else in scotland apart from Celtic spent that.

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