Personal messages

Hello folks,
How would I go about sending a personal message to someone on here?
I tried it a minute ago, by clicking on the person’s profile and then making a message, but the way it’s all laid out and worded it seems to want to make a forum post instead!
Not good, I can’t take the risk of having my discreet gossip spread across the internet haha.
It’s not clear at all to me, but maybe I’m just being a doddery old git!
Hope someone can help.

Hi Dennis ,

Why not try sending a test message to the person like " How are you doing my old friend ", and then wait for a reply before you send your real message.

That’s what I would do anyway mate.

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Yeah Billyboy you could always send it to Parlane or Earplan , you might as well keep it in your alter ego family

Me asking the question has the benefit of folk in the future knowing what to do and how to work it - that’s why I stuck it in this section - but thanks for your help anyway