Park the bus scottish teams

Hi all,

Do Scottish park the bus teams believe they have great defensive tactics or just admitting they are scared of the opposition teams ?.

To see managers praising their team for getting an 0 - 0 draw with just about every one of their players in front of their own goal hoping to go for goal on the long ball counter is despicable , and they have no right to be called a manager.

Little wonder the English treat our game as a joke and even some of us up here think the same.

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Hello Billy boy it’s not just up here that they use the low block defensive tactics managers like Pep Guardiola has used it a few times and Jose Mourinho who is notorious for it depending what quality of team they are playing.
I agree it’s anti football and boring but if these teams like Livi open up against us they are going to get heavily skelped so that’s why they use it, you are going to see it again against Kilmarnock anti football club on Saturday.
It’s up to us to find a solution to beat the low block defensive tactics and pronto

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Hi DollysB. yeah agree 100% mate , the dark side can usually break down these anti football teams . ( I say usually ) but lets hope they slip up a few times and we don’t. Cheers mate.

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