New manager suggestions

After watching Steven Gerard’s interview last night, it’s clear he’s close to rock bottom. He could very well walk of his own accord. Imminently.

Regardless of people’s feelings of our failings, or the reasons for those failings, the current management team are failing, big style.

If it wasn’t for our Europa League standing, they’d be certs for leaving, or being sacked, very soon.

We need to start thinking about who could do a better job. I’d be hugely surprised if The Board hadn’t already started drawing up a list.

So who do you think could make us win trophies? Who do you want?

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Anybody but Gerrard. Big Dunc would be interesting if he had Walter as Mentor. Failing that what about Jurgen’s brother klipppity.

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In retrospect, perhaps a harsh topic, but I’ve had a bad time past 24hrs. Sorry about this folks. Knee-jerk reaction.
To be fair though, there is the chance there will be a change, so I suppose the thread is still valid.

My suggestion is Marcelo Bielsa. Always plays a hard aggressive style, whilst delivering goals, and more importantly, wins. I think he’d fit in a treat up here.

Preferred option is a sharp upturn in form and we finish this season fighting.

Whoever comes in needs to bring in a big target man in mould of an Andy Carrol we hit cross after cross and there is nobody getting on the end of things. We need a guy who can get a settled back four and stop the constant movement of midfielders going out on loan and coming in on loan and the constant buying or loan deals for midfielders Gerrard is midfield daft. At last count we have had nearly 30 midfielders since Gerrard took over and only one striker in Defoe who is 36 and broke down after two full matches and why bring in Kamberi a fecking cup tied player what was the point in that???Warburton was there 9 months he won the championship and won the challenge cup on no money and no players. Gerrard two years with nothing he ñeeds to go and quicker we get somebody in to stop the rot the better. Ok progress in europe but its not a priority. Being honest maybe Warbs should have stayed.

I do not think we can get a better manager than we have at the moment.
Not saying there are no better managers out there, but Gerrard is the best we can get
and I believe he will improve. There is no doubting his passion for the club and certainly no foreign manager would be an improvement. Just look at our history with non British managers, apart from Advocaat


Joey Barton is doing well with Fleetwood on a limited budget he haa loaned a few players from ibrox so he must have an idea of what is going on here and what players we have I can’t see him putting up with less than anyone giving 100% he is worth a consideration imo anyway.

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I’m sticking with SG he will come good.

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I personally still stick with SG, a lot of you have short memories. It was always said that it would take time for us to get back to the Rangers way, in Europe we have done that. Mainly due to the official’s are not from the SFA, many of the games have been the fault of the SFA. Maybe we all should still back SG like the board have done and hopefully we get back to the team that played in the first half of the season, and remember that was still the same manager who managed the team then.


First of all, it’s impossible because od him employment today. Secondly his style of play always struggles against deep 8-man defences

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I want professional with experience, not ex-top footballer or beginner in this profession.

Though if Warbs stayed…

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I said on a thread a few weeks ago that up to and including the 29th of December nobody was wanting the manager sacked since the winter break the team’s form has collapsed, injuries to key players and more suspensions for Alfredo have added to the problems imo the players have let the manager down in Rangers domestic programme their performance in the cup against Heart’s being the lowest.A clear out in the summer is required assuming there will be a new season starting in August I wouldn’t be surprised if Steve Davis and Jermain Defoe both announce their retirements and contracts terminated by mutual consent

:rofl::rofl::rofl: I creased up there