Mysterious sightings of Alfredo Morelos

A group of people from the Eastend of Glasgow who unfortunately suffer from
Misidentification Syndrome.
Paranoid delusions and Hallucinations, spotted a man walking through Glasgow Airport ‘blootered’ With a hooded top up and his back to the camera, unfortunately the camera cannot take pictures of faces, we cannot say for certain it was him.
When the phone user was asked could it have been Psychotic Events he responded “naw I don’t know him it was definitely Morelos”.

Another sighting of Morelos was allegedly seen in a car, crashing into car doors dressed in an Alibaba bought Rangers top shouting ‘open sesame’
Again this could not be confirmed.

The American FBI was asked to look into these sightings but could not come up with an answer so have archived these sightings under ‘unexplained’ and will sit in the same category as UFO sightings over area 51


Class post, if only the other side could see how ridiculous they make themselves look with their constant obsession with all things Rangers. WATP.


They ain’t normal Weegie.

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I blame the drugs, the Buckie and the glue.