Mulholland calls for SPFL change which is 'critical' for Rangers Academy

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Head of Academy, Craig Mulholland, has called for a Rangers ‘B’ team to be entered into the SPFL whilst taking part in a Q+A on the Rangers Youth DC Twitter. The Gers enjoyed a silverware-laden 2019 at youth level, with various age-group sides winning league and cup competitions. Nathan Young-Coombes scored as Rangers won the…

Could we effectively force their hand by picking one, or perhaps two, lower league clubs and giving each of them half a squad. If Celtic did the same, other teams in those leagues would suffer as unable to compete on or off the pitch (financially because of increased fanbase).
Then we repeat the offer to have a Youth team only playing away games so that they keep the increased incomes. They may see the benefit then.
The benefit to Scotland is clear already