Midweek football headlines

One man team Celtic, without Edouard, lose 2 v 1 to Ferencvaros😂

Lennon does a Levein and doesn’t play a striker.

Celtic supporters frantically sift through team sheets looking for ineligible players for lifeline.

Celtic stand to lose £30m failing to qualify, Edouard, McGregor and Ajer to be auctioned off to the highest bidder to balance books.

Lennon looking for overhaul after failure in champions league.
Lawwell looking for a Jemmy to open biscuit tin.

John Hartson brilliantly describes how not to tackle…"He’s got to slide, he’s got to do something.
He tries to get a little toe and tries to get a little touch.
Why isn’t that a big touch":confused:

Sutton states Celtic “Embarrassing”
The Rangers fans have been stating this for years Chris, at last we can agree on something.


Good one DollysB,

See Lemmon back to his old self , holds up his hands for blame , then puts it back on his players not wanting to be there.

Never him to blame for anything but was happy to accept the credit for the results instigated by Brenda.

Now he is on his own he has been found out as the chancer he has always been.

I don’t want him sacked he can only be good for us to win the league this season while he’s still in charge.


Lennon must stay!
The Bheasts have been rank this season, and this was a particular highlight.
Early indications are, to me, that the Tims are bottling it.

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