McCrorie to Aberdeen!

McCrorie to Aberdeen😮wit!!!.
I hope we are not going to get fleeced.
Hopefully we will get a decent price for him

Disappointed to see the lad going. We could be doing with a versatile guy who is capable as a defensive midfielder and as a centre half. I’ve even seen him fill in at right back before and he handled it.
Given that Kamara is by no means assured of staying, I think it’s a mistake letting RM go just now because all we’d have left for that role would be Jack.

Definitely Dennis sad to see him go.
The plus side is that Docherty is going as well it will free up some money for another midfielder and hopefully a more versatile dynamic goal scoring box to box player who can either sit or attack.

I’m torn with wee Docherty too because he’s always been a regular scorer from midfield wherever he’s been, which is what we’re crying out for, but looking in from the outside he doesn’t appear to have been given much of a chance at all. Mind you SG and the coaches etc must be aware of this, so I can only assume that there’s something else stopping him getting a run. Perhaps a poor trainer. Who knows. Could be any one of a number of things. Like RM I’ll be sad to see him go, but at the same time I trust the gaffer to make the right call for the good of the club. Like you say, two sets of wages plus a few half decent fees should be able to get us in a new guy who would hopefully also contribute more and be more of a regular. I’d like to think we could get a million in for the two of them combined. Minimum, to me. Fair enough they’ve not done it for us but they’ve gone on loan and both proven themselves capable decent players. Without doubt each one would walk into any team in Scotland below us and the Timothy.

I think its criminal that mcCrorie and Docherty are getting sold he needs to stop having his favourites and shity loanees for once give our young players a shot. Put it this way Gerrard would never get the chance to play wen he was younger with a manager that acts like the way he does with young players, no way would he!

I read that it was £350k fee after the loan spell, a bit paltry if you ask me, I hope there is a buy-back clause or sell on clause to sweeten the deal.
I don’t know if that is the truth or not about the fee or its a case of another Celtic leaning shit stirrer press report