Mans on holiday then wits runnin this site

a takeit the man wit runs this site is on holiday since the lockdown was eased as we’ve no hud nae shit tae talk aboot fae then

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Have a look at recent posts ( no mine THO ) bigspeedy you can see who is.

On second thoughts bigspeedy , a bloke on here recently pointed out you can post as much crap as you like an nothin gets done about it (re gers are shit).thats the polite version tho.

It’s no gettin any better speedy they’d rather spout crap on here than talk about our football club mate.

Your bound to notice the one with nothin better to dae mate.

He’ll get fed up eventually tho cause his shit falls on deaf ears an no replies.

Except for his other username (the only two that spout the crap on here) mate.