Loyal followers of Rangers News

Rangers News could you give us some sort of explanation why the forum has been halted, it would be respectful of you if you could let us know the reason for this.
There is a lot of Loyal followers and it would be appreciated if you could let us know what your plans are.
Are you continuing in your current format of not allowing posts or have you plans to reintroduce the forum for posting so fellow Rangers fans can have a chat about the Rangers


I can’t say I use the forum, but the shutdown has hugely hit this part of the site. Zero footy with, until recently, zero transfer activity and day after day of the same inane shite from the MSM. There has been a jump in posts on here recently, and I’m sure that’ll continue now that the games are coming thick and fast.
I’ve got to admit, during the bulk of the lock down I didn’t even visit this site, because like i said there was hee haw happening.

Yeah Dennis with the covid-19 situation it is totally understandable the forum has been slow.
I thought a couple of days before the season started against Aberdeen would have been perfect to get the ball rolling again and speak about the build up to the game and the game itself, and now the new transfers and the Leverkusen game.
Obviously Rangers News must have their reasons, but it would be good to get back into the swing of things and get the chat going again

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Ive just realised that the other day I said “I don’t use the forum” - as I typed my reply in using the forum :joy:
As the guy in Lethal Weapon used to say, “I’m too old for this shit”.

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Let’s call it a senior moment Dennis we are all allowed a few of those as we get older☺

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