Leeds (and others) after Borna

I have a fair few Google Alerts setup, so I’m well up to date with online Rangers articles. Anyway, that’s the past week seen quite a lot of stories about Leeds chasing Borna. Roma allegedly sniffing about a bit too.
Tough one this. The lad is a key player, hugely consistent and has settled in really well after a shaky start. Good at defending and chips in with a lot of assists. Right up there with our best players. Obviously it would take a big offer to temp us to sell, and normally I’d be fine if the money’s right, but this season I just don’t think we can sell him, unless the money on offer is mental, like 20m plus.
I mean how can we knock that back?
It’s pretty much a moot point just now because we can’t sell. Can we?
Big Calvin looks good in the little I’ve seen plus some YouTube, but he’s just in the door, young and basically untried, so you’d think IF we sold Borna, we’d need another DL to come in and be expected to hit the ground running, ie probably a Brit (for ease of language barrier) and probably from a British league too.
The club will definitely have a shortlist of players for all positions in case we lose existing players, so I’m sure the gaffer and DOF will have a plan should Borna go.
What do you think then folks? Tough one isn’t it?

The usually quite decent guide price website Transfermarkt has him listed at 3.6m, which is total horseshit. Given how important he is, how talented he is, how consistent he is and the fact he’s a first pick for Croatia, I’m thinking absolute bare minimum 15-20 million, but this season I’d say 25m would see him go. We couldn’t possibly knock that back, could we? What’s the thoughts?

Transfermarkt is a load of crap, if they state a price you need to multiply it with dog years and you will get the true valuation.
The price for a international left back in Scotland has already been set with Teirney at £25m so why not Barisic, although I would prefer him to stay.

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If anything it should be more really because Robertson is better, plus Croatia are better than Scotland, so if we were being fair then £30m would be realistic. I’m with you, I’d prefer he stayed too. We have a proper gem there.

Money talks but Borna is a regular for Croatia now and an offer of no less than £20m should be considered. I certainly don’t want to lose him but the team is more than no player and our system would have to adapt with say 3 centre backs and have more emphasis on wingers providing the assists - we have enough of them! Keep believing though. WATP.


He put on some display last night. He’s good at free kicks, and his crossing is excellent. Positionally he’s pretty much faultless in open play. He’d be a big loss to the team for sure. Mind you, nobody is irreplaceable.
Definitely believing here.
The Bolingoli carry on is giving us a small advantage at the moment, but to be fair to SG and the team, we have been very good, and except for the game against the Germans, have been looking much improved over last season. We can’t lose focus for a minute.

Yip he played well and the free kick for the goal was top drawer, his pass to Kent was bang on and the play leading up to the Kent goal was brilliant, our two attacking full backs with assists very much the way SG wants us to play, keep the victories coming and no slip ups this year the pressure will be on Celtic trying to play catch up