Kenny Miller blasts Rangers over struggle to produce talent

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Former Rangers striker Kenny Miller has criticised the Gers over the lack of players that have come through the club’s youth system and compared that with another of his former clubs, Celtic, who have several ‘homegrown’ players in their side. Miller pointed to the likes of Allan McGregor, Barry Ferguson and Alan Hutton as examples…

Kenny makes a good point. We missed a real opportunity when we were (wrongly) told to go to the bottom of the class in 2012. Instead of buying old timers (including Kenny!), we should have been bringing young boys through like the McCrorie brothers to fulfil their potential with Rangers. WATP.

It goes back to the time when Jimmy Sinclair was in charge nobody came through from his era . In fact we let go players who have done better. We changed when he left a few years ago now and we should see some through in the next two years or so. If we don’t then the present Youth team will require to be asked questions as they will have had time by then to bring players through

Agree it’s a fair point from Kenny, although he ignores Gilmour who is definitely a product of Rangers youth system - the fact he’s at Chelsea now is a sign of just how good he is.

Nevertheless to be fair the club have clocked the need for improvement themselves and have changed personnel and approach in an effort to catch up with Celtic. The contingent of boys in the Scotland youth set ups is a good sign we’re going in the right direction.

It is a fair point, but to show that Rangers have been holding players back who would otherwise have broken through, list those who have left and progressed.
I used to shout that we should have been blooding youth in the lower leagues and Ally was mad not to. But how many of those players have proven themselves capable? McKay is the only one I can think of and Kenny has forgotten to mention him. The rest were tried and were not good enough. No sin in that, Rangers is a big team. I had hopes for Andy Murdoch at CDM but since we let him go he has not found another game in the SPL, never mind at a higher level than Rangers.
Can anyone think of anyone else we have developed and released since Ross McCormack who has gone on to do well?
Maybe they are right. Mind you, we seem to be both developing and hoovering up some seriously good youth just now and, fingers crossed, we should see some of them in the near future.

was there not a goalie???