Is it time for Morelos to be dropped

I personally think Morelos’s head is somewhere else and he is not doing the business.
Last week coming deep to get involved is not working for me, he should be staying in the box on the central defenders with back to goal to give a focal point, if the defender is not switched on and a bit of space appears Morelos has the guile to turn the defender and get a shot away, if there is no space then he should make himself available to take balls into feet and feed to oncoming players coming from deep, but he is cutting a frustrated figure and for the Killie game I feel it’s time for Itten to replace Morelos.
I would also like to see some more player changes for the Killie game, Roofe to replace the injured Aribo and move Hagi more central.
Arfield to replace Kamara for a bit of drive and energy from midfield, we were far to ponderous in this area last week.
I don’t think the formation needs to be changed because we rely on our overlapping full backs to zip balls into the box and is a big part of how we play, but some of the players within the 4231 need to be.


He needs to be made to fight for his place DollysB.

He also needs to be given the ball a lot more than he does.

I also feel his recent performance has made buyers not so keen to get him for big money so we prob have him for a while yet.

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My impression was that SG wanted to keep him away from the Dons defence and as a result he HAD to play in a deeper role.
I 100% agree he needs the ball into his feet and a whole lot more .
However let’s see if he isn’t going anywhere, what he’s made of having been dropped?

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I believe most of us would have liked him to stay mate , but def looks like Stevie has given him his final chance and will let him go for a decent price anytime now.

This plus the fact we seem to be getting better results without him at present adds to the speculation he will be gone soon in my humble opinion.

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He’s Been the best striker we’ve had for years. Since Miller & Kris Boyd. But what a man!!? For getting himself into trouble. Wow!!! But he can score some goals for us. In Europe in the league. But when it come to the shit nxt door he CANNA score for the life off him. Even missed the pen in the Finals!!? When we all knew he was going to miss!!! Now we have the ROOFE? make sure I get his name rite Lol. So it’s a sad day when we have to say good bye to the greatest striker since boydie. Hope he cools his temperature down a little… At his nxt team.:firecracker::firecracker::exploding_head::exploding_head::joy:

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Very true Mark_ and it looks like def goodbye soon.

I am still wondering if his unprofessional antics had anything to do to with our collapse last season after the winter break tho.

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Seeing now that Morelos has put in a transfer request with Lyon now offering 18m. Think that is a pretty good price with hopefully a sell on clause. He has done well for is but clearly best for both to move on. I watched the Leeds programme on Amazon and if he can get back to that for Roofe is a great replacement


100% with you on that Bertie mate.

Morelos and other players that have one foot out of the door should never be in the first team from the start.
Give him the last half hour till he departs!
That is the only way the new guys will get game time and the trust from the manager to show that they are the real deal.
The way Morelos has conducted his self in the last couple of weeks is disgusting and the club should take what they can for him and move one.



Alfredo’s talent is not disputable

His respect for the club and supporters is

He fails to learn from his temperament and that is going to be his ultimate downfall

The old firm games are his bogeyman but could have been his making

Having passion is one thing, losing control of it is another

Alfredo could have used Rangers and the fishbowl that is Glasgow to learn control his weakness & worked his way to a great team in Serie A

Instead, he just broadcast his ability to remain childish to not just the supporters and staff of Rangers, but every other team on the planet who would have been interested in his personal development

I personally think that Morelos is after more money not more silverware


Would you be happy to leave a club empty handed after scoring so many goals in Europe & domestically?

What’s the pull?

It can only be money and warmer climes

I’ve worked around the world and for the likes of Morelos, Scotland will not be an easy climate to operate within for him, his wife or newborn

But you can’t deny:

We beat great teams in Europe with his contribution and his records in Europe and the SPL

So why would he want to leave Rangers when they are in the position of winning real silverware at last?

Why would he want to leave empty handed with a good reputation for goals but knowing that his attitude was equally reputable?

More money and warmer climes is the only answer.


I think El buffalo is going to go during the international break. He’s away with Colombia. His agent will be trying to work a move to lille as they selt there big man defender yesterday to arsenal giving them the funds for Morales!!?.
Hope no I hope he stays and gets his heed sout his sand box aye once the window shuts. If hes still a Ranger hell start banging the goals in again. I think him and roofe up front will be a force. Morales holding the ball up roofe running into no on the turn. Oh!! What a thought. Lol​:grin::uk::uk::uk::uk:

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