Neil Lennon is a loose wire, he is absolutely seething because Jon Flanagan was dismissed and rightly so, I thought Celtic didn’t release statements like that, Lennon and brown are making all this noise because of that fact that rangers played them off the park, they were punished the full 90 mins and Celtic don’t like the fact that they won the league but all the talking is about rangers and how rangers embarrassed Celtic on the park, Lennon wants all the attention away from rangers winning and the fact he will need to sign on at the end of the season. Yes Celtic maybe have won the league but rangers beat them and giving Jon Flanagan a red card wouldn’t have changed that. And for Chris Sutton to say rangers fans are acting like they won the league AND CELEBRATED too much. What plannet you on Chris Sutton? Any time there is a rangers and Celtic game no matter who wins it’s always the same reaction. The winning team always feels like they won the league. The loosing team always feels like they lost the league. So Chris Sutton how’s does it feel to win and loose the league in the same week. Rangers were the better team. Rangers embarrassed the league winners again. Rangers will be next season’s league winners and you and Celtic know it and can’t handle it. Tainted titles. Brenda left use because he knew your times up.