How good could Ryan Kent become

With some real flashes of brilliance so far how good could Ryan Kent become and do we want to see this before we attempt to prise him from liverpool… Could be a double edged sword…

No where near as good as davie cooper willie Johnstone, henderson, mclean, laudrup or even ted mcminn, kent is a lightweight guy with no feel for gers. Rangers golden years are gone, it will take special players to bring them back. Special players mean aggression, skill, team players, guys who know what it takes to play for the jersey, guys like Halliday who live and breathe rangers. Not many at ibrox at moment.

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I agree, to play for a team like Glasgow rangers , you need to have the desire from the kick off to the end of the match.

Unfortunately most of the present squad don’t have that.

Desire to win is everything, hopefully next season we can start with this in situ , without desire and aggression from the off you are immediately on the back foot.

Well to get bk to our best we would have to splash out millions McGregor out need defence midfield goalkeeper striker to partner el buffalo personaly my self I would get rid of McGregor Flanagan Lafferty and all the dead wood I think Gerrard will have his spy’s out NSE

Ryan.kent is a good. Player

Good teams are built keeping hold of them is the difficult part look at Ajax. Ability and commitment is the key, it is of no conciquence if he stays half a mile from Ibrox. The whole group have to want to win the league, the desire the passion is all part of this. Loan players help but their long term gains may take precedent. If the loan players come and give their all they should be commended. There are a number of good players that will be avaliable this year. I would look long term with a bit of balance with experienced players. But no hangers on, they must still be able to produce, and want to do so. If not there is no use in keeping them in the squad. Next season no more excuses draws are unacceptable especially when we are in the lead. Lets see how it goes next year will be a yard stick go how Rangers will progress.