Hagi’s faither - shoosh

I’m all for a dad promoting his son and trying to give him a leg up in life, but it can very easily be taken too far.
Windass Snr, for example. I’m utterly convinced his dad’s constant intervention in his life (especially on twitter) stunted his son’s career. It affected his mentality on and off the pitch, which in turn affected his rangers career, ending what could have been far more fruitful for both parties.
I’m getting more than a whiff of this already with Hagi Snr.
I know that the papers stink. They ask a question, get a single line and make an entire story about it. However, Hagi Snr needs to learn to say “no comment” sometimes, because, if he doesn’t, and he constantly affects his son the way Windass Snr did, we will end up with another highly rated young player not making the most of what they can in life.
And all due to saying too much. You can be too positive.

They still want that spotlight…those playing years are hard to give up. So they live vicariously through the closest thing to what they were…their kid.
Iannis is going to be very interesting because I think this will only go one of two ways…to the moon…or in the drink. There will be no “Yeah…he was here for a couple years…he was OK” with Iannis.

I have no doubt that Hagi Jnr is better than Windass Jnr but I just wish their Fathers would let their sons do their talking on the pitch. Josh could have still played a part if he had shown more consistency. WATP.

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There a the odd rumour of Windass coming back, and has been for a month or so. Proper marmite player. Defo had some talent but hugely inconsistent. If he was to come back , IF, I’d like to think he’d have buttoned his head up and bit and realise he has to apply himself more. Honestly though, I’m more than happy with our front line, it’s midfield that needs a boost, imo, if possible.