Former Rangers star at centre of lockdown storm involving PL star

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Former Rangers star Ross McCormack has been caught at the centre of a storm involving Aston Villa skipper Jack Grealish flaunting the enforced lockdown as part of the measures to combat Covid-19. Grealish was forced to issue an apology yesterday after he had “stupidly” gone to a friend’s house – owned by McCormack – during…

I’ll take this opportunity to say I hope everyone is keeping well. As I’ve said before my wife and I have retired to Fuerteventura and thought I’d give you a heads up as we are now in our third week of lockdown, here you are not allowed out unless it’s the supermarket or pharmacy, now you have to carry ID so that you are not going out every day your allowed once a week for groceries. Although the cases on Fuerteventura are relatively small they are still on the up and the talk now is for lockdown to go until May, I think this will be around until there’s a vaccine until then stay in stay safe.