Fans label Rangers' Glen Kamara Finland "Pirlo" after "masterclass"

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Rangers midfielder Glen Kamara plays in a slightly different, more advanced role for Finland – and the Scandinavians continue to benefit. The former Arsenal Academy midfielder was once again one of the best players on the park as the Finns fell to a disappointing 2-1 home defeat to European giants Italy. He certainly looks at…

It’s obvious he will do well when surrounded by good international players. In a Rangers team with Aribo, Ojo, a 36 year centre forward and a dodgy left back in Flanagan he struggles.

Great to hear Kamara is building on the undoubted talent he’s shown - can only be good news for Rangers when our players are performing well at international level

Special mention to our resident CEO Parlane for finding a way to spout more negativity - don’t you have a board presentation to make or something buddy? :joy:

Barasic as I type this is playing a blinder for Croatia and only backs up my argument regarding Kamara, he is seeing loads of the ball hitting some great crosses but once again surrounded by great players such as the Goalie Kalanic playing in Premiership with Villa, defenders being Caleta Car with Marseille, Vida with Besiktas, Brekarlo with Wolfsburg. And in rest of squad we have Perisic, Bayern Munich, Rakitik Barcelona, Kovacic Chelsea, Pivaric, Dynamo Kiev, Pjaca, Juventus, Lovren, Liverpool, Modric. Real Madrid, Rebic, Inter Milan…I could go on and on. Players play well and learn well from players around them. Barasic and Kamara will have gained so much they can bring back to Rangers but only a good manager and good players around them will help them flourish along with a decent run in the team. As for Kingholmesball (what sort of name is that?) I am not spouting negativity I am speaking fact and any decent coach will agree with me. Once again you are stalking me can I not make a comment without you trying to make a fool of me. What is wrong with you have you some sort of inferiority complex that makes you want to ridicule other peoples comments…I see right through you…BUDDY.

P.S I don’t do “board presentations” I am the board.

BB should get a decent run at left back with Flanagan recovering from his operation it would be interesting to know what exactly does parlane want?sack the manager and his coaching staff? A return for G Murty! I am sure SG would love to go and sign at top striker but given the hyper inflated prices these players are going for in Europe’s top leagues,they are way out of range of Rangers current budget that’s the reality of where Rangers are at the moment

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Well said Gresleyman agree entirely he should get a run at the back. I don’t want to sack the manager, or Coaching Staff but my opinion is when you let go Middleton, and new purchase Hastie and buy and keep Jones, Ojo and Aribo why spend 7 million on Kent when we only have two strikers. There are many leagues who have decent strikers who wont cost much, Shankland being one. You ask what I want, well its simple. I want our better players like Kamara and Barasic to be given a run. Stop relying on very young talent like Ojo and Aribo they are going to need time to bed in. I wanted the 7 million to be spent on a back up striker as Defoe in my eyes is not good enough to win us the title. Why pay all that money on Kent after buying so many others who can play in that position and not buy strikers. If we had not bought Hastie and sent him out on loan, we could have had Shankland, better having a back up striker than a guy out on loan, we are trying to stop nine in a row why send out Mcrorie, Middleton and Hastie all scotland under 21’s and not have a money to buy a back up striker its just nuts…

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Parlane you’ve shat the bed after one bad result - the nerves are all yours son

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We are starting to work as a team now, taking responsibility and adapting during the game (game management, as most people call it now) - and covering for each other. We’ve seen Katic and Goldson get further forward and on the scoresheet. I don’t think it will be long until we see Arfield and Kamara switching roles during the game. We saw Kent last season content to run through the middle (as we’ve seen JJ emulate recently). I think SG or someone else in the coaching team is being too rigid with roles (e.g. team formation, fornation for the duration of the season) as opposed to it being “a template” until the game unfolds. How else can we explain the appearance then demise of the “Free Spirit” we saw in Coulibally, Aribo and Ojo’s earliest games?

With Finland Kamara is surrounded in midfield by players from Esbjerg and Midtjylland in Denmark, 2 from the mighty Minnesota United and others from Norway, Finland and one from Germany. Not one of these players would make it into the Rangers first team. Sorry but your argument just doesn’t make any sense.

Oh Come on thats laughable that statement is very misleading you have not done your homework. Its not just about what teams they play for, that is just daft it’s the history of the player, their experience and their talent. In the Finland team against Italy the midfielders he had along side him were all established internationals and guys with loads of experience , for example, Schuller has experience with HJK Helsinki in Europa league stages in 2015 playing all games so his experience is much better than Stewart, Ojo, Jones or Aribo who have yet to play in group stages. Lappalainen who is a Bologna player and a huge talent who is out on loan has experience in Seria A, Pukki is on fire in English premiership, and other midfielder is Lod who won three titles with Helsinki and went on to play with Panathanaikos with huge international experience that’s four players I would have before Ojo no experience, Stewart a bit part player, Jones who for me has failed to offer much and Dafoe who is 36 and is finished, but everybody’s opinions differ, if you disagree fine nay skin aff my nose. Sorry but I know who I would rather have Kamara playing alongside in a Rangers team out of that lot and it certainly ain’t Stewart, Docherty, Ojo, Jones and Dafoe possibly even Aribo. Also if you look at Finland results is that a team made up of guys you honestly would not take a look at for a Rangers team.

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