Dont snub stevie G

I know am a die hard celtic fan, but i really thought that we where in for a great title race , especially how gerrard got his team in place playing good football at start of season even winning against celtic, but as from start of year they just went bad to worst, i really don’t think its the manager who to blame for all the defeats its his players who are to blame, dropping points from bottom league teams. I know he’s a rookie manager but dont u gers fans perfer him to murty, give him a chance he might win silverware next season. It was the same as when lennon took over from Rodgers he was snubbed but fans, now he already has 1 trophy, in the semi’s of Scottish cup and on the brink of another league title. With 13pts clear. Support steven gerrard dont snub him.

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Hundred per cent agree with you Merryplough. In my view it is ridiculous to blame Stevie G for the disastrous drop in form. Sure, he made mistakes, but we need to give him a fair go, and if you look where were under Murty or even Wabertton there has been progress, even if this season has been a disaster as far as I am concerned, because we have an extremely capable team that has failed to deliver (Whereas under the previous managers we had a poor team). The main disappointment has been the form of Morelas, and you can hardly blame the manager for that. It is far easier to pick holes in the manager when things are going badly. We need to give him one more season, and he has so many qualities that other managers do not. As long as he learns from his mistakes, and I think he will, then there is hope. It’s worth remembering that Alex Ferguson had a fairly bad start at Manchester Utd. Sure Ferguson had already been successful at Aberdeen, but I really believe Gerrard can take us far if given a fair chance. If not, he will get sacked eventually anyway. Changing manager now will only make thing worse IMHO. We need a close battle for the health of the game in Scotland. The quality of the rest has dropped.