Do Ranger's need a CAPTAIN/LEADER OF MEN, to take team forward

Been saying this for a while now, we need a proper captain, Tav is doing his best but he’s not a natural captain /leader of men. I think this should be Gerrards priority, obvious comparison’s are Butcher, Gough, G. Robert’s, Weir ECT. Now the player at the club who ticks some (not all) of the boxes is Allan Mcgreggor. Or am I overlooking anyone, Gerrard was a Captain, not in the Butcher mould, he used his skill, and got respect from his teammates. 1st QUESTION - So what kinda Captain do we want, personally I’d go for the Butcher style. 2nd QUESTION - who do we sign to be Captain/Leader/Motivator. Agree, if yes who, if no why?

We defo need somebody butcher style yes a leader and a commander look at the game against Hibs tavenier useless McGregor I just had to laugh at him get rid of all the dead wood if I could get Ryan Kent 4-5 million yes as I know Liverpool will want that kind of money could be wrong but we need reinforcements asap for next season that’s a defo. NSE

Ryan Kent is a good player but no a Captain

Totally agree cootsie yea he is a good player gives 100percent 24/7 we need fresh blood look at our other players in under have a lot of talent but they aren’t getting a chance to play they humped the east end in cup final it was a good game so let’s do the business on Sunday the queen’s 11 nse

Are you the David King, Mr RANGERS FC

No I wish I was though I would be buying players no loans ect. Get rid of the dead wood NSE