Celtic obsessed with Rangers

Every day sometimes a few times I look in on what’s new with the Gers, there’s usually always something happening some transfer story, predicted line ups and so on but ALWAYS Gers related. I wish that could be said for Celtic will scrolling down Google news it’s always inevitable that their stories start with Rangers, I am sad to say I have a look sometimes, my opinion is that they never get anything right and are quick to point out any Rangers problem while ignoring completely the actions of their players and fans, get a life better still get a story about your own team and leave us to report on the facts.:uk::uk::uk::uk::uk:

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This made me laugh…:heart_eyes:

Absolute sad acts.
I know exactly what their problem is…
That’s why they are so determined with the Sevco 5hite. Because they want our trophy count, and that’s the only way they get it.
Jealousy. Terrible thing. Turns you into a wee deranged one of ‘Them’. Yuk.