Bolingoli - ineligible

What are your thoughts on this carry on with that Bolingoli fanny going to Spain?

I don’t like posting things about Separate Entity FC, but this potentially has a bearing on us.

I’m not very well versed on the topic but it seems he went to Spain, but didn’t quarantine on his return to Scotland, so he should have been ineligible for the game the Micks played v Hamilton (I think).

They’ve now had some future games postponed because of all this too.

Surely for the game they played which had the ineligible player, they should lose that point and award the win to the opposition? That’s my thought anyway.

Any why is the future game postponed, it was THEM who broke the quarantine law and have risked the entire calendar with their dickhead player, so again I think they should forfeit that coming game too.

Let’s not forget these are the same pricks who twice got teams kicked out of Europe for fielding ineligible players. Not 100% but on one of the occasions did they not get beaten, complain about the opposition
player and then get through to the next round?

Then there’s the infamous constant banging on about sporting integrity which they lobbied the entire league to hurt us with at every opportunity…

They fucked us and others over at every opportunity, bleating on about cheating and fairness etc,. The tables have turned now, so they should accept that the rules work both ways, seeing as they are so intent on fairness etc,

Gives us a chance to pull ahead and get some points in the bag.

Tonight is a must win.

As ever!

It sure does, and it sure is, Gordon. Here’s hoping Mr G and the lads can do the necessary.