Bielsa (Leeds) wanting to buy Kent

Bolt ya Rocket !..

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Leeds who??? Oh aye, the team that used to win trophies under Don Revie when I was a wee boy! AND we spanked twice in the Champions League the last time they were top dog in England.


Rangers supporters should not gloat as we have done nothing to boast about we know that we have been mistreated by SPFL AND SFA but we still have to prove to ourselves and supporters that the good days are on the way back.

Not gloating just stating facts. I take it that you haven’t read the comments about Rangers posted by Leeds supporters on fan websites eg tin pot club etc etc? I don’t think Rangers fans need any lessons from supporters of a club that will be relegated at the end of the season regardless of the obscene amounts of money that the TV companies throw at clubs in the so called best League in the world.