A good day for Rangers

Rangers March on with another victory and clean sheet.

Alfie back scoring with a double to match his chins.

Celtic draw with Killie.

Celtic don’t receive their customary 6 mins of injury time to get a winner.

Scott Brown gets a yellow for GBH instead of a 6 month jail sentence.
Have you seen the size of his a*se this year, in fact it’s that big it’s got it’s own moon.

With Celtic drawing yesterday and are not top of the league, we are safe for a while yet that the corrupt SPFL won’t cancel the league and give Celtic another tainted title.

Sutton with his usual poisoned barb comments like something out a primary school playground.
I am sure he has been diagnosed with PTSD from the Dunfermline game or maybe he is just a bitter troll, or both.(they cannae take it)

Anyhow back to the Rangers.
Rangers TV was a breath of fresh air Rangers men talking about Rangers and none of the negative garbage that we normally get, so keep it up McCann, Rae and the rest of the team you did a great job.
An enjoyable day all round.

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Good post man. Covered all the bases very well. In complete agreement. Only thing is I’ve not seen ‘Broonie’s fat arse, but I will soon. I make a point of not watching Timothy, except when they drop points, so I’ll see their lowlights on YouTube or something In the coming days.
We were in complete control and basically laid siege to their goal. Alnwick saved them from utter embarrassment. He’s a good keeper. Had it not been for him, and admittedly some wasted chances on our part, it could/should have been at least five or six nil.
Clive Tyldesly (sp) was good, made a nice change and he was knowledgable of our players and system so he’s clearly been preparing well. Thomson good too. Switched on to audio only a few times, so had Tom and Stevie Smith on there, and they were as good as usual.
On a side note, the new website is growing on me, as is the RTV site. The RTV app is good too. I’d quite like to send the RTV picture on to my telly but I’ve not worked that out yet. Possibly have to buy a chrome cast or Apple TV box to make it work, not sure. I’d rather avoid buying stuff. Mind you, to be fair, the picture is good on the iPad so I might just stick with that.
What a lovely day; 25 degrees blazing sun, a gentle breeze, two rolls and sausage and onion prior to the game, a few of those lovely infinite session IPAs (only no alcohol beer that’s worth trying), wife and boy out for the game, feet up, Gers coast it, Timothy drop points and the ensuing meltdown (by all accounts howlers by their shite expensive defender) and then a cracking fish supper from Enzo’s.
Bloody lovely day :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:
We are very much The People


Is a bit of Karma about to unfold.
Is the covid-19 situation gonna come back and bite the bum of Celtic.
Celtics next 2 games postponed for flouting covid-19 rules.

Bolingoli played for Celtic against Killie when he should have been self isolating so in theory he is a ineligible player so should Killie be awarded the victory.?

Now is the time for Rangers to rack up the points and get ourselves on top of the league just incase the league is postponed due to covid-19.
Keep winning and keep the boot on their necks.
Would we be awarded the title as the leaders of the 20/21season? or
would the SPFL make up the rules as they go along and come up with another lame excuse.