Mixed Rangers fan reaction to Jordan Jones Celtic song storm

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Summer Rangers signing Jordan Jones might’ve landed himself in hot water with Steven Gerrard for his challenge on Celtic full-back Mortiz Bauer last weekend [Football Scotland], but has he just committed the unforgivable to the Ibrox fans? The Northern Ireland international risked the ire of Gers boss after his reckless challenge saw him sent down…

Jordan Jones can get to fuck the wee rat

Ooooft not a good look at all - needs to explain himself for this one

Oh relax…maybe his friends we takin the piss.

True - bad timing I guess

Time you grew up is it not.

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it’s only a song. I like you’ll never walk alone because it’s a good song, I just put it out of my mind that it’s a Celtic song, people who can’t do this have wee tiny minds with no room for movement.

Give him a break. He is a very good player–and he was probably frustrated out of his mind that Gerrard had not been giving him more game time. Jones SHOULD HAVE STARTED AGAINST CELTIC–a very bad and biased decision by Gerrard who is not as good a manager as many of us thought. Playing without wingers is a stupid thing to do–but it is even more stupid when Celtic were playing with two new full backs who were known to be vulnerable. Gerrard needs to start producing smarter decisions than this–or it is HE NOT JONES WHO DESERVES TO BE PUNISHED.

Calm down mate - Gerrard came out and said he was to blame - he’s doing a fantastic job and nobody is infallible

He’s experimenting this year with a larger squad, and he got his team selection and formation wrong against Celtic no doubt - he’ll learn from it

Rangers fans are better than jumping on our manager after one bad result - keep the faith