Fans label Rangers' Glen Kamara Finland "Pirlo" after "masterclass"

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We are starting to work as a team now, taking responsibility and adapting during the game (game management, as most people call it now) - and covering for each other. We’ve seen Katic and Goldson get further forward and on the scoresheet. I don’t think it will be long until we see Arfield and Kamara switching roles during the game. We saw Kent last season content to run through the middle (as we’ve seen JJ emulate recently). I think SG or someone else in the coaching team is being too rigid with roles (e.g. team formation, fornation for the duration of the season) as opposed to it being “a template” until the game unfolds. How else can we explain the appearance then demise of the “Free Spirit” we saw in Coulibally, Aribo and Ojo’s earliest games?

With Finland Kamara is surrounded in midfield by players from Esbjerg and Midtjylland in Denmark, 2 from the mighty Minnesota United and others from Norway, Finland and one from Germany. Not one of these players would make it into the Rangers first team. Sorry but your argument just doesn’t make any sense.

Oh Come on thats laughable that statement is very misleading you have not done your homework. Its not just about what teams they play for, that is just daft it’s the history of the player, their experience and their talent. In the Finland team against Italy the midfielders he had along side him were all established internationals and guys with loads of experience , for example, Schuller has experience with HJK Helsinki in Europa league stages in 2015 playing all games so his experience is much better than Stewart, Ojo, Jones or Aribo who have yet to play in group stages. Lappalainen who is a Bologna player and a huge talent who is out on loan has experience in Seria A, Pukki is on fire in English premiership, and other midfielder is Lod who won three titles with Helsinki and went on to play with Panathanaikos with huge international experience that’s four players I would have before Ojo no experience, Stewart a bit part player, Jones who for me has failed to offer much and Dafoe who is 36 and is finished, but everybody’s opinions differ, if you disagree fine nay skin aff my nose. Sorry but I know who I would rather have Kamara playing alongside in a Rangers team out of that lot and it certainly ain’t Stewart, Docherty, Ojo, Jones and Dafoe possibly even Aribo. Also if you look at Finland results is that a team made up of guys you honestly would not take a look at for a Rangers team.

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Sorry Parlane you seem to be blind to the experience and talent that play for our team. There’s not a Finnish player who could come close to matching the experience and talent of Defoe (472 EPL games and 57 for England). Steve Davis has played 193 times in the EPL, 113 times for his national team and played in a UEFA Cup Final. Andy King played 24 times for Leicester 3 years ago when he won the EPL with them. Scott Arfield 86 EPL games and 17 for his national team. Allan McGregor 265 SPL appearances and 42 for Scotland. We have the current first choice left back for the World Cup runners up and current internationalists from Sweden, Columbia, Nigeria and Scotland, as well as probably Finlands best player. You’re impressed with Schullers Europa league experience but don’t acknowledge the fact that almost all of our first team players have at least as much experience at that level and will surpass his achievements come Thursday. And while Pukki has had a good start to the season he’s no El Bufalo and never will be.

Like I said your argument is just nonsensical. You need to open your eyes to the very effective blend of youth, experience, talent, ambition and drive that Gerrard has brought to the club. I think you have a strangely negative view of our team. We’re not as bad as you think.

I don’t have any issue with your post other than your wrong and have not actually read my post properly I am fully aware of the experience in the team, I am also aware of the distinct lack of it. The people I was referring to were Jones only 9 caps, no european experience, all the rest hardly any international experience or euro experience with Jack and Flanagan having last year’s euro experience but limited international experience. If you read my post I was referring to Barker, Stewart, Ojo, Aribo, Docherty, Flanagan two caps between them hardly any euro experience and as much as Defoe was a great player on current form it would be Pukki for me Defoe is 36, I’m currently not impressed with him. King was not part of discussion as Kamara had not played alongside him this season. I was only referring to who he has played with this season. If you actually read my post you will see I have left out any reference to our experienced players such as King, Davis, Barasic, Arfield Mcgregor etc my main point is Kamara playing with guys with no European experience or guys with very limited international experience. Not sure what you mean about our players surpassing Schuller come Thursday this is wrong. At best Barker, Stewart, Docherty, Ojo, Jones, Aribo, etc will match it if they play every game of the league stages they can only surpass it if we play after Christmas and they play every game. As for the “very effective blend of youth and experience” you mentioned, we struggled against St Mirren, Kilmarnock, and both games against Legia we got beat by Celtic we only became convincing against Hibs and Livingstone after they went down to ten men. Defoe, Aribo and Ojo were awful in the Celtic match so where was youth and experience effective? As for Defoe he has failed to score in any of these apart from Hibs who are garbage this year. He has no goals against teams in key games such as St Mirren, Kilmarnock, Livingstone, Celtic, Legia, Progress Neiderkorn and Midjyland, he has scored against crap teams like St Josephs and Hibs, so compare that to Pukki I know who I would have in my team. As for the stats you mention regarding Dafoe and nobody coming close to him well again that’s just daft. Look at the facts for Pukki , he has 76 caps to Dafoes 57 and has scored 20 goals this is the same as Dafoe but he still only 29 and Dafoe will not be getting any more caps. As for league appearances he is around the 312 mark so could easily surpass Dafoe, he has also played in Europe 41 times with the likes of Celtic, Schalke and Brondby and is 7 years younger than Dafoe. I think Pukki gets pretty close to Dafoe’s stats and given he is currently playing in one of the hardest leagues in the world, in his first 4 games he has scored a winner against Man City, a hat trick against Newcastle, and a goal against Liverpool and Chelsea I know who I would prefer and for you to stick with Dafoe well that’s your choice.

I think you’ll find I was compering Pukki to El Bufalo, thats a nickname us Rangers fans call Alfredo Morelos, remember. And Pukki’s experience in Europes top leagues ie EPL, La Liga or the Bundesliga amounts to around 45 games and scoring only 14 compered to Defoes 133 goals in 472 games, now that’s what I call experience. Anyway your original argument, poor as it was, was that Kamara does better for Finland than for us because he is surrounded by good international players yet in just about every game he has played for us he has been surrounded by our players like Defoe, Arfield, McGregor, Davis and Barisic, all good international players. Your just not making any sense and you are far too negative about our team. We’re not that bad. It’s been a rough enough few years. Now is the time to enjoy what is a good Rangers team. Try it you might like it.

On current form Pukki for me all day long. I was talking about current form not when Dafoe was at his best 10 years ago. Not sure why you were talking about Morelos I did not mention Morelos at any point so not sure why you brought him up. I was comparing Pukki to Dafoe read my initial post. As for Kamara the two games we struggled in and what was the main part of my argument were the games against Celtic and St Mirren. Kamara was playing with a mix of Jack, Ojo, Jones as sub, Aribo and Flanagan for Celtic match. I stick by what I said, none of them have great international or Euro experience. There is no point including McGregor he will not influence Kamara he is not an outfield player so that leaves you Davis and Arfield. Davis I have no problem with, but Arfield plays for mighty Canada and could not get a game for a shit Scotland squad. So in other words you are left with Davis as a decent player. Arfield and Dafoe in my opinion are not at the current time better than Finland players that Kamara was playing with, but as I said if you think Dafoe at this time is a better option than an in form Pukki who is playing and scoring at highest level that’s your choice. Also on current form Dafoe and McGregor are no longer playing at international level. Compare Dafoe to Pukki on last 5 games there is just no comparison . Me being negative about the team is my right, I buy my season ticket I attend games and I’m not happy. We have no back up strikers, nearly 4 million spent on two defenders yet to kick a ball, 7 million on Kent when nobody else wanted him, Dafoe is finished, new guys coming in Aribo, Ojo, Barker, Stewart , Docherty, Hastie, Edmundsun they all have no international or european experience, virtually no top league experience. We have played poor games against St Mirren with a free kick to win, last minute goals against Legia and Killie, a defeat against Celtic, losing a goal to Hibs and Livingston and only winning with help from free kicks and both those teams going down to ten men, nil nil draws against Progress and Legia. Barasic, King and Kamara not getting played enough. I could go on and on. As I stated earlier I am a season ticket holder, I know who El Bufalo is. I never spoke about him when you did because he was not part of any of my comments, so why even mention him??